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  • 23. November 2018
    Media art by Refik Anadol for NVIDIA
    How does technological progress become sensually tangible? An answer for NVIDIA: By confronting the physical world with the virtual. In this way, visitors of the RTX Product Launch at the Palladium in...
  • 13. November 2018
    We discover the space for possibilities at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition
    The city of a thousand bridges welcomes us with bright sunshine and a blue sky. We are on our way to the 16th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, which this year was curated by the Irish ...
  • 20. September 2018
    W.DO Volume 06 - Identity
    Our sixth magazine has been published
    Identity is as unique as the fingerprint of a person or a company. In this issue of our W.DO, we deal with a topic that is equally substantial for people and brands. What does identity mean today and ...
  • 3. September 2018
    The last proof in our hands
    The W. DO Volume 06 goes into print!
    The 6th edition of our business magazine W. DO will be published in less than two weeks. This year's issue deals with the topic of identity and its various facets. The question about identity is the s...
  • 15. June 2018
    Forward into the future
    The W.SPACE by Walbert-Schmitz is an area where new technologies can be experienced
    Walbert-Schmitz let the visitors look back immersive in order to rethink the future together. In the presentation area W.SPACE the different technologies AR, VR and Kinect accompany the digital explor...
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