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  • 25. September 2018
    About being sustainable
    Talk at the FAMAB Sustainability Summit 2018
    Anna Wisniewski and Michael Kiesewetter gave a personal insight into the corporate philosophy of Walbert-Schmitz by conducting a presentation at the FAMAB Sustainability Summit 2018.
  • 4. September 2018
    Look at my tablet.
    An eyesight test app for independent eyesight control checks.
    The foundation for the project was laid back in 2005. At a time before the first iPhone was even released. This shows how innovative the idea behind the app was in its inception.
  • 4. September 2018
    Swing yourself into the digital saddle
    SAP and WS-Digital Solutions create unique insights of horse and rider at the CHIO 2018
    In early 2014, SAP showed us their tracking and analysis tool for equestrian sports. This technology not only gathers new information for athletes to analyze, but also offers viewers and fans new insi...
  • 3. September 2018
    The last proof in our hands
    The W. DO Volume 06 goes into print!
    The 6th edition of our business magazine W. DO will be published in less than two weeks. This year's issue deals with the topic of identity and its various facets. The question about identity is the s...
  • 15. June 2018
    Forward into the future
    The W.SPACE by Walbert-Schmitz is an area where new technologies can be experienced
    Walbert-Schmitz let the visitors look back immersive in order to rethink the future together. In the presentation area W.SPACE the different technologies AR, VR and Kinect accompany the digital explor...
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