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  • 18. December 2018
    Happy Holidays!
    Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year wishes the team at Walbert-Schmitz.
  • 17. September 2018
    The story of a creative process 
    The StreetScooter Showroom: Cooperation à la Walbert-Schmitz
    For StreetScooter, we were able to contribute all our expertise to prove the advantages of close cooperation between the trades.
  • 7. December 2017
    Movement is everything – Keep Moving!
    We recently organized the 3rd Walbert-Schmitz Health Day. Over the course of the day, various events took place. With a lot of movement.
  • 24. January 2015
    Sponsorship for the Aachener Kinderkarneval
    For the children’s carnival session in Aachen, Walbert-Schmitz sponsored a platform with sofa, various counters and walls. In return, we received complimentary tickets and got the opportunity to atten...
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