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  • 11. May 2018
    eRacing Event by Gran Turismo
    Start of the 24h-Race 2018 at the Nürburgring
    Yesterday, the ADAC Zurich 24h-Race 2018 at the Nürburgring started and Gran Turismo, the real driving simulator for PlayStation, with its eRacing Event was the main sponsor.
  • 8. May 2018
    Fujitsu World Tour 2018
    Co-creation for Success
    The Fujitsu World Tour is also continuing in 2018! Following the leading theme Co-creation for Success, the technology group is starting a dialogue with its B2B partners worldwide.
  • 21. March 2018
    Join the family!
    Light + Building parallel event by SLV
    This year’s Light + Building parallel event, by lamp manufacturer SLV, takes place at an exclusive location right next to the Main river until the 21.03.2018. The motto of the event is “Join the famil...
  • 1. February 2018
    Co-creation instead of individual work overload
    Fujitsu brings people, technologies, and ideas together in the World Tour 2017.
    Joseph Reger, EMEIA Chief Technology Officer of Fujitsu, described the pace and extent of the Disruption as “disturbing” (quote on speicherguide.de). A single company is often overwhelmed with the com...
  • 19. December 2016
    Driving Digital Transformation – Fujitsu Forum 2016
     The Fujitsu Forum started in Munich today. The theme is „Human Centric Innovation – Driving Digital Transformation “. 14,000 visitors are expected to attend the largest event of its kind...
  • 19. August 2016
    gamescom 2016 launch
    gamescom has opened its gates for trade visitors and gamers from around the world. We are excited to have planned and built the exhibition stands of our customers Sony PlayStation and Activision Blizz...
  • 9. May 2016
    Successful Event – PlayStation Experience 2016 in Munich
    Sony PlayStation veranstaltete zum 2. Mal das exklusive Event PlayStation Experience in München. Den insgesamt etwa 600 geladenen Gästen aus Handel, Presse und PlayStation-Community wurden die Highlig...
  • 20. November 2015
    Human Centric Innovation in Action – Fujitsu Forum 2015
    The Fujitsu Forum is the largest event of the company in Europe. This year it had more than 10000 visitors, over 100 expert presentations and breakout sessions, 6 exclusive keynotes and a great cl...
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